Top 10 Flocabulary Videos For Your Summer Playlist

Top 10 Flocabulary videos for your summer playlist

If the summer slide was a dance move like the electric— the world would be in a better place! Unfortunately, the summer slide occurs when students fail to practice the skills they learned during the school year over their summer vacation. The result most often leads to them returning to school the following year at a lower academic performance level than they were before summer began. To help prevent the summer slide from happening Flocabulary has put together some essential tunes that your students can play all summer to help them remember key concepts while jamming out to the music. …

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Why Culturally Responsive Teaching Matters Now More Than Ever

Why culturally responsive teaching matters now more than ever

The Layers of Culture Culturally responsive teaching (CRT)--also called culturally relevant teaching--is not a new method of teaching. Gloria Ladson-Billings first introduced the term “culturally relevant pedagogy” in the 1990s. But despite its 30-year history and its recent increase in popularity, it remains frequently misunderstood. At its core, CRT is a research-based teaching method that acknowledges the central role of culture in learning.  Culture has layers. Think of it like an iceberg. On the surface, there are the most visible aspects of culture; clothing, food, and holidays are all examples. They may be what we think of first when we…

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Ideas For Planning And Teaching With Flocabulary In June

Ideas for planning and teaching with Flocabulary in June

Whether your students are still in class this month, just about to end their school year, or are already finished, there are a few amazing resources you can use through Flocabulary to support them at the end of the school year and beyond into the summer to boost their vocabulary and keep students engaged at the same time. Here’s a few ideas to help you get through the end of the school year or give to students for engaging summer activity ideas. Remembering Anne Frank Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12, 1929. Honor her bravery and…

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How To Use Social Media In The Classroom

How to use social media in the classroom

In today’s world, social media can often be seen with negative connotations, but I have learned that social media has the power to transform your classroom culture if you give it the chance. I recently moved to a new district, and I remember feeling frustrated when I learned that I was required to create a classroom Facebook page. I felt like it was just another thing on a teacher’s to-do list. My supervisor told me, “It is an open door. We are giving parents a chance to see what really happens. How will they know unless we show them?” It…

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How To Write Rhymes: Advice From Flocabulary Rappers

How to write rhymes: Advice from Flocabulary rappers

In order to be a great rapper, you have to have an understanding of how to write rhymes. Mastering rhyme schemes and learning how to utilize slant and near rhymes comes with time and practice, and there are many ways to go about learning the skill. We wanted to explore how different rappers go about writing their rhymes since the art of rhyming is so crucial to an emcee’s style. So we interviewed two of our own Flocab artists and broke down some bars formulaically. Dillon V. - Recording Artist Write down your inspiration and your rhymes, because once those…

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