Writing Rhymes To Transform Student Engagement In The Middle School Classroom: Part 2

Writing Rhymes to Transform Student Engagement in the Middle School Classroom: Part 2

After convincing the 8th grade social studies team to try out the unknown with a rhyme-writing project, we began our test run with our first period homeroom students. For 20 minutes a day, students were given a week to complete raps of their own in groups of three, the freedom to choose any social studies topic from class, and given full responsibility to work at their own pace in computer labs alongside peers. The great thing about Lyric Lab is that it’s structured in each video, so students were able to listen to what the Flocabulary rappers did, and get inspired…

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8 Components Of A Strong Balanced Literacy Program

8 Components of a Strong Balanced Literacy Program

During a recent school training, I asked the teachers, “How does Flocabulary support the components of balanced literacy?” No one responded. I assumed the group just wasn’t energized for the session yet. So I repeated the question—“Come on guys! You can answer this. How does Flocabulary support balanced literacy?” The blank stares I received was confusing. Finally, I heard a voice say, “I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t know what balanced literacy is.” Ah, now I was getting somewhere! As a former teacher, I should have known better than to assume the group knew what balanced literacy was. In…

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Celebrate Black History Month With Flocabulary

Celebrate Black History Month with Flocabulary

Each February, we observe Black History Month to remember important people and events in black history. To help you teach students about these influential moments and figures, we’ve compiled relevant Flocabulary units and lesson plans in one place—including our elementary lesson plans on Ruby Bridges and Martin Luther King Jr. And to ensure these stories are widely available, our units on famous people and events in black history are free through the end of February. Explore them now. Black history is American history, and it doesn’t need to be limited to just one month. Use these Flocabulary resources to teach black…

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Flocabulary Partners with Atlanta Public Schools to Champion Student Voice

Earlier this fall, we partnered with Atlanta Public Schools on a writing contest called Hip Hop History. The challenge posed to students was simple: Write a rap song about a historical figure who inspires you. The results were remarkable. In the video below, see how students found their voices — and new levels of engagement — through writing academic rhymes.

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