App Smashing Ideas From The #FlocabChat Community

App Smashing Ideas from the #FlocabChat Community

During last month’s #FlocabChat, we talked  about all things app smashing—using two or more edtech tools together in the classroom. Simple as that! We covered a lot of ground, so we thought we’d pull out some key highlights and tips for our Flocab community. Here are some of the tools that our #FlocabChat friends suggested (in addition to some of our own tips).

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Flocabulary And Grades K-2: Teaching Tips & Ideas To Engage Younger Students

Flocabulary and Grades K-2: Teaching Tips & Ideas to Engage Younger Students

With over 750 videos and counting, the Flocabulary team likes to remix an old Apple adage when talking about the depth and breadth of our content: “There’s a Flocab for that.” That said, we know it can be challenging, especially for lower elementary teachers, to find Flocab content that is accessible to their students and relevant to their curriculum.

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10 Essential Questions To Guide EdTech Decision-Making

10 Essential Questions to Guide EdTech Decision-Making

The world of ed tech is a crazy one—it seems like every week there’s a new tool (or Pokemon?) to try. With so much noise to wade through, funding to use and budgetary deadlines to meet, it’s no wonder many schools underuse an alarming percentage of ed tech tools they purchase, resulting in wasted funds and precious teaching time. How can one make sense of the barrage of techie services out there? We’ve compiled an ed tech due diligence checklist to help. Here are ten questions to ask when evaluating ed tech tools for your school (with input from our…

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Get Inspired: Education Bloggers Who Are Feeling The Flocab Love

Get Inspired: Education Bloggers Who Are Feeling the Flocab Love

Many of our Flocabulary superfans are not only dedicated educators but also avid bloggers who love writing about new and innovative edtech tools that revolutionize the classroom. This fall we partnered with some of these all-star blogging educators, and we’re excited to share how they use Flocabulary to boost student engagement and achievement!

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9 Alternative Ed Tech Funding Resources For Your Classroom

9 Alternative Ed Tech Funding Resources for Your Classroom

Flocabulary understands the budgetary constraints many US schools face. As the need for supplemental ed tech resources increases, these financial limitations have proven to be more than a mere inconvenience. These powerful tools that boost student engagement and achievement should not be considered luxuries, but necessities that are accessible to all academic institutions, no matter their budgetary circumstance.

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