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Join Us: Flocabulary’s First #FlocabChat

We’re always thinking about new ways to provide value to the Flocabulary educator community, and recently, we realized we could be supporting our educators by connecting them. After all, inspiring teachers, service providers, and administrators across the country share their creative ideas and experiences using Flocabulary with us all time.

Now, we want to provide a way for these educators to share with one another. And what better outlet to connect them than through Twitter? Introducing: #FlocabChat.

We’re kicking off our first Twitter chat on Tuesday, September 13 at 8 PM ET with a topic we’re excited to explore with the Flocab community: engaging students to enjoy writing across the curriculum.

At Flocab, we believe that student writing is powerful—it allows students to find and express their voice, while helping them master the content they’re writing about. An example of a writing activity we love, of course, is writing academic rhymes (and if you haven’t seen it yet, our new tool Lyric Lab helps students do just that!). But we know that our participants will shed light on many other helpful tips and strategies as well.

As you mark your calendar for #FlocabChat, see a list of questions below that we’ll tackle together so you can collect your thoughts ahead of time. And while you’re at it make sure to follow our friend Jon Smith, who will host the chat! 

Question 1

Let’s start by talking about your interpretation of “writing across curriculum.” What does it mean to you?

Question 2

What are some hurdles you’ve faced in engaging Ss to write across the curriculum?

Question 3

What kind of audience can help give Ss a sense of purpose w/ their writing? How can you create an audience?

Question 4

What content have your Ss read, seen or watched that inspired them to write? Share any books, poems, etc.!

Question 5

Share an engaging writing task you’ve given or seen another T assign to Ss. Why was it effective?

Question 6

In what ways do you bring relevant writing into math, science, SS or other subjects (outside of ELA)?

Question 7

How can Ss make writing their own educational rap (w/ @flocabulary’s new Lyric Lab) cross-curricular?

Question 8

Share a writing strategy you’d like to try after participating in #FlocabChat! Bonus points if you say it in rhyme!

As we embark on this new project, we hope to provide a place for educators to gather around a mission of making learning accessible, relevant, engaging and effective for students of all backgrounds.

We can’t wait to hear (well, read!) your thoughts and ideas. Plan to join us? Spread the word using the tweet link below! 

Add it to your Google Calendar using the button below!

Molly Cronin

Molly's love of education began when she landed her first job at age 17 as a preschool teacher's aide, where she changed countless diapers and led groups of toddlers in many a nursery rhyme. She studied communications, marketing, and education at Cornell University, where she wrote articles for university publications, co-hosted a radio show and led PR for a children's advocacy organization. After a stint in the crazy world of agency PR, she now blends her background in communications and her passion for education in her sales and partnership work at Flocabulary. When she's off Flocab duty, she can be found scouring food blogs and old cookbooks or traipsing around Alphabet City.

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