Here’s a List of Adverbs

As we mention in our adverb rap song, adverbs can modify a sentence in all sorts of ways. In this post you’ll find some lists of adverbs to get you started.

Here’s a list of adverbs that show emphasis:

  • really
  • literally
  • simply

Here’s a list of adverbs that amplify:

  • completely
  • absolutely
  • heartily

Here’s a list of adverbs that tone a sentence down:

  • kind of
  • sort of
  • mildly

And finally, a list of adverbs that show uncertainty:

  • possibly
  • allegedly
  • supposedly

If you’d like to see more lists of adverbs, click here. And don’t miss our song that is all about adverbs. Here’s the hook:

An adverb modifies a verb,
Adjective or even another adverb.
This is how it works, yep, haven’t you heard?
Adverbs are preferred when it comes to writing words.

Check out Flocabulary’s lesson on Adverbs. And for more from Flocabulary, listen to our fifteen other Grammar rap songs.

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