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We were going to write a post about how it’s important to thank your teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. Then we realized—Hey, why don’t we thank OUR teachers? This post goes out to all the teachers who inspired this creative team. From kindergarten to college, everyone at Flocab remembers teachers who changed us for the better and stayed with us forever. Without further adieu, THANK YOU!

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 5-9. How will you thank the teachers who inspire you?

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  1. I LOVE this page with all of your pictures thanking your teachers and will be showing it to my class in the morning! My fifth graders and I have wondered aloud what your team looked like and discussed the fact that you must be creative and witty (your signs are definitely creative)–and just looking at some of the smirks, I can tell you are witty indeed! We LOVE Flowcabulary and use it almost daily. My students’ favorites are Gravity (with LeBron) and Adaptations (we all do the sound at the end like goats–aaaaahhaaa!) I am a creative and witty teacher and appreciate what you are doing for education. We have a BLAST learning and Flowcabulary is one of my students’ most asked for resources. I have even told a few of my students that, “Who knows, maybe one day YOU will be working for Flowcabulary”. Hey, maybe THIS GIRL will apply someday!

    Jamie Rickman
    Pleasant Grove Elementary School
    3000 Owen Bell Lane
    Pensacola, FL 32507

    PS-I’ve used Flowcabulary when teaching the Pythagorean Theorum to an eye rolling 8th grader that I tutor and she actually smiled!

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