Five New Word Up Vocabulary Videos

Penguin Rock Band

The Word Up Project used to just teach interdisciplinary vocabulary words through songs and activities. But now we’re amping it up: We’re working with a talented team of animators to bring you videos for every single Word Up song. (Yup, all 98 of them for grades 2-8.) If you’ve ever wanted to see penguins join a rock band, you’re in luck today. Here are the newest five videos. These videos are for grades 2-4, but we have new vocabulary videos for the older grades coming up very soon. Check in next week for more!

The New Videos

2nd Grade Vocabulary:

Start a ClubStart a Club 

Whether you love stickers, dancing or music, join up with other kids who love them too. If you love doing something, start a club!



Penguin Rock BandPenguin Rock Band 

Who’s going to rock, rock, rock right now? 
Who’s going to get this party loud? 
Who’s going to dive, slip-slide right down? 
Penguins! Yeah, we rock your town! 



Third Grade Vocabulary:

When I Grow UpWhen I Grow Up 

This video reminds kids that they have control over their future. They can make a choice to use their voices.



The TigerThe Tiger 

Meet a very special kind of tiger in this video. He jumps off rocks, swims around and even likes to make raps!



Fourth Grade Vocabulary:

Get Down UndergroundGet Down Underground 

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she found the White Rabbit, Tweedle-Dee and others. But when you head underground with Flocabulary, you’ll meet a blue dude named Bluepee and a sneezing artist named Bart!


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