Ecosystems for Kids

At Flocabulary, there’s one resource we could never live without: teachers. Our teachers are always inspiring us with the new and creative ways they implement Flocabulary in their classrooms. Here is a unique and super fun lesson plan that comes to us from Yvonne Maisel of Wake County Public Schools in NC.

For printable lyrics, a test and more, click here.

Teaching Ecosystems Through Music

Grade Level: 3-5
1. Initiate and facilitate discussion regarding ecosystems using Flocabulary’s “Ecosystems” songPause to discuss concepts such as food webs and animals that would live in various biomes

2. Review challenge questions and construct multiple possible answers, referring back to lyrics to validate answer choices.

3. Discuss biomes using to support Flocabulary ecosystems introduction.

4. View biomes PowerPoint.

5. Select which biome a fox would most like to live in (multiple answers).

6. View “What does the Fox Say?” to discuss what the fox says, who lives with a fox, what ecosystems are represented in the video, and what food chains are expressed.

7. Begin to draw ecosystems for the fox to inhabit.

Additional Material from Yvonne
We have previously made origami foxes because we are also considering how origami plays a role in STEM currently and how origami can/does translate into modern engineering principles. Here’s the site I created to synthesis science and origami.






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