Coming This August: Middle School Math

On August 15, we will release 20 new math songs and videos that you have been requesting for years. But we know you’re itching to see them sooner.

A few months ago, we gave you a sneak preview of our Area of a Triangle video. Now we’re releasing another coming attraction from the Flocabulary vaults…

Order of Operations

Check out the interactive lyrics, challenge questions and more.

Grades 4 – 8, Common Core Aligned

This school year, you’ll be able to use 20 math songs that were designed to meet the needs of the new Common Core math standards for grades 4 – 8. You’ll even be able to search our math songs by grade level to make sure that you’re using content that is right for your class.

Here’s a list of the upcoming topics:

Units of Measurement (Metric)
The Coordinate Plane
Adding Fractions
Multiply Fractions
Divide Fractions
Greatest Common Factor & LCM
Intro to Exponents
Math Terms and Word Problems
Order of Operations
Triangle Area
Integers and the Number line
Statistics and Variability
Prism Volume
Advanced Exponents / Roots
Linear Equations
Pythagorean theorem
Volume of Cylinders, Cones and Spheres

Check back in August!

See our current math songs and videos for grades K-3. And gain access to all of them with a two-week free trial.

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  1. I love your middle school math raps. I just found this site today and I’ve already incorporated two videos into my class for extra understanding. I’m even going to present this site to the other math teachers in my school. Are you guys planning on posting any other middle school math videos in the future? If you are, when do you think that will be? Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Rebecca-

      Glad you found us! You can find all of our middle school math videos here:

      Let us know if we can provide you with any more information when presenting to your fellow teachers!


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