Channeling Your Passions To Create An Amazing Classroom Culture: An Interview With Michael Bonner

Channeling Your Passions To Create an Amazing Classroom Culture: An Interview with Michael Bonner

Perhaps you caught his story on TV: Second grade teacher Michael Bonner made the national spotlight after a video of his students performing and dancing to an original rap about reading went viral. The video was so inspiring, Ellen Degeneres even invited Michael on her show (twice!), highlighting the amazing ways he connects with students and helps them achieve. With the magical classroom culture he's created—and his video-making skills—we had to track this teacher down. We asked Michael about his biggest inspirations as an educator, what his students have taught him, and more. 

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Boosting Vocabulary Acquisition With Flocabulary: A Teacher’s Success Story

Boosting Vocabulary Acquisition with Flocabulary: A Teacher’s Success Story

Two years ago, Polly Westfall, an educator in North Carolina, was accepted in the North Carolina's Governor's Teacher Network. As part of this initiative, Polly was charged with completing action research in her classroom. The topic she chose? Vocabulary acquisition for children of poverty. At the time, Polly had recently relocated to a new school district, and was moved by the ways that poverty impacted her students. With a background as a writing coach, she wanted to find ways to motivate her students and boost their vocabulary, knowing that it would improve their writing. She decided to try out Flocabulary…

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