Everything You Need To Know About The Flocabulary App

Everything You Need to Know About the Flocabulary App

The rumors are true, y’all. The Flocabulary mobile app is now available to download on iOS and Android, and is compatible on both phones and tablets! The mobile app is built to bring Flocabulary outside of the classroom, where kids and teens can browse Flocab’s 900+ units on their own time. We’re excited to launch our mobile-exclusive vocabulary challenge activity, too!

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Flocabulary Now Supports Class Rostering With Google Classroom

Flocabulary Now Supports Class Rostering with Google Classroom

Calling all Google geeks: Flocabulary now integrates with Google Classroom! We’re excited to announce this new feature, which will allow teachers to import any class in Google Classroom into a Flocabulary class. Google Classroom is a learning platform that integrates with schools that use the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) ecosystem, and a lot of teachers have rosters of their students set up in Classroom already.

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5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Flocabulary Subscription

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Flocabulary Subscription

Flocabulary's been on the ed tech circuit for years now, and with over 800 videos and counting, it's no surprise we're mostly known for our impossibly catchy (not kitschy) educational hip-hop videos. While engaging videos is our bread and butter, there's so much more to discover, teach and learn with a Flocabulary school subscription. What perks come with a Flocab school-wide license? Read on to find out!

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