Build Vocabulary (and A Beat) With Our New Vocab Game

Build Vocabulary (and a Beat) with Our New Vocab Game

We're super excited to introduce you to our newest feature, the Vocab Game! The Vocab Game is an additional way for students to practice a lesson’s vocabulary through multiple contexts. Students can build a beat by successfully identifying images, completing sentences, matching definitions and selecting synonyms for the lesson’s vocabulary words. This feature is also automatically graded, and features Comprehension Analysis, which allows teachers to assess the performance of individual students and the class after assigning the activity.

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Representation, Diversity & Inclusion: How We Approach Diversity In Our Content

Representation, Diversity & Inclusion: How We Approach Diversity in Our Content

Representation matters, whether it’s in a big Hollywood blockbuster or a classroom. Flocabulary's videos are shown to students around the world of different ages, ethnicities, abilities and genders. It is important to us here at Flocab HQ to support every student’s identity by creating content with diverse characters, so that students can see themselves in our lessons. We love when educators share their students' excitement with how we portray diversity and inclusion in our lessons. Check out this story that MC Educator Andrea Runnels posted in our Facebook Group:

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Teaching Students About #MeToo

Teaching Students about #MeToo

We know that teaching students about some current events topics can be difficult and even uncomfortable. But we also know that a curriculum grounded in current events gives students a foundation of knowledge to navigate complex issues and become global citizens. That’s why we created the Week in Rap and #FlocabFriday. We want to make it easier for teachers to have vital and challenging conversations about any news story. This is especially important with an issue as sensitive and expansive as #MeToo. #MeToo, as a movement, is about bravery and awareness. But teachers are not immune to the trauma at…

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